Our mission

Central Ohio Freedom Fund is a Black-led, Black-centered organization which exists to work toward elimination of money bail and pretrial detention. We serve communities in Central Ohio by using a revolving fund for bailouts, providing public education, and advocating for radical systemic transformations which create conditions for a sustainable future

Our vision

Vision: We envision a society in which we are not principally guided by the desire to punish each other systemically for causing harm, but rather the desire to systemically care for those among us who have been harmed. Within this vision we remain grounded in present realities while doing what we can to create the world in which we wish to live. More specifically, our long term vision is for Central Ohio Freedom Fund to be able to meet the essential needs of our communities which have been subjected to generations of racial violence, and to build the people power that we need to achieve liberation from white supremacist institutions and ideologies.

Our values

Our values are shaped by the movement for Black liberation which envisions a future where people around the world are free from white supremacist institutions. While we work toward the abolition of money bail, pretrial detention, prisons, and slave labor within our lifetime we also understand that many things are tied to the struggle and necessary for success including the ability to access housing, healthcare, food security, childcare, education, employment, and more.


PO Box #27368

3850 E. Livingston Ave

Columbus Ohio 43227

Email: Info@CentralOhioFreedomFund.org


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