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What is commissary comrades?

Commissary Comrades is a membership program that directly supports individuals on the inside. Commissary Comrades allows us to help provide commissary for those we can not bail out.

We are thriving to get to a space where we can put money on everyone's books. 

Anyone can become a Commissary Comrade. This program is designed to build relationships with those on the inside.

Why Become a commissary comrade?

  • You believe in our mission, vision and values

  • You have some interest furthering your knowledge, skills and leadership in a organizing space and capacity

  • You have the means to contribute monthly to the program.


Thank you!

Why is commissary so important?


  • Not all families have the luxury of having extra funds to put on a loved ones books. Often the cost of commissary and communication with loved ones, literally becomes another bill, especially in low income and working class homes.                                         

  • Commissary keeps people safe on the outside and on the inside. Families should not have to pick between making sure their loved one can survive and the light bill, or pampers, or food, or car note, or even considering taking on another job.

  • Everything has a cost in jail. Being incarcerated, shouldn't equate to not being able to survive, at the core of it; as a human being. 

The Hidden Cost of Incarceration
By Beatrix Lockwood and Nicole Lewis
Dec 2019

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You can also, make a one time donation today!  

Donate today!


Thank you for your donation!

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