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On the rise:

Black women -vs- state Sanctioned Violence

Reproductive Justice and Pretrial Freedom:

The increase of black pregnant women in jails, demonstrates the urgency for Pretrial Freedom as a necessary part of the movement for Reproductive Justice.


Pregnant Black activist serving 4 years for protest comments pt1.

Pregnant Black activist says she is 'ill' and facing premature birth behind bars pt2

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Organizations to follow

Motherful_logo-V4_CMYK_Motherful_Black (

"Motherful is a Black, Indigenous, Mothers of Color-led, multiracial grassroots collective of single mothers in Columbus, Ohio whose mission is to support, empower, and nurture single mother families through community, education, resources, arts and wellness. Founded in 2018 by single mothers for single mothers, Motherful is a living, breathing, radical vision of the collective future of motherhood. Our Collective currently has 400 members and is growing."

(Click on their logo to go directly to their site to learn more, join, donate and volunteer!)


"ROOTT was created by a collective who view the issues surrounding maternal and infant health as a consequence of structural and institutional racism. Through our personal relationships and experiences as people of color, work with one another as doulas, advocates, and community members, we understood the need to build support that centered our voices as valid. We believe that our programs and services offered, based in evidence, will provide a means of addressing the impact of the stress created by our everyday, lived experiences. We are firmly grounded in the principles of Reproductive Justice, rooted in autonomy, human rights, and the trust of Black Women to decide how, where, when, and if we choose to have children."

(Click on their logo to go directly to their site to learn more, join, donate and volunteer!)

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